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GIG – G DATA – Light It Up

GIG, Grow, Innovate, G-Data – Light IT Up

November 7, 2018. I went to GIG, Grow, Innovate, G-Data in Crowne Plaza. The theme was Light IT Up and it was an illuminating experience.

Chief Operating Officer Xavier Capilitan opened the event with a story on how everything started with light and how light creates communities.


The first talk was about the proliferation of cryptojacking — how opportunists takes over our infrastructure to use for cryptomining. We were treated to a good overview of cryptocurrencies and how miners are incentivized to participate in the blockchain. Cryptojacking is the illegal backdoor into earning money using other peoples’ devices.

Make sure to always monitor your CPU usages, even on off-hours.

The second talk was about open-source solutions to IT defense. The vehicle for the talk was Mario, the then-plumber-turned-IT-guy. It turns out that firewalls, routing and endpoint security could be improved by SIEM tools that can be assembled using open-source technologies.

Then we go to the massive collection of log data. That’s how security met data science and machine learning.

With our light, we can bring communities together. — paraphrased 🙂
Oh. And I won a 1 year G Data AV subscription through the raffle. Lit.

Thank you to G DATA for inviting me. Until next time!

By krsnewwave

I'm a software engineer and a data science guy on recommender systems, natural language processing, and computer vision.

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