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Variational Autoencoders for Recommendation

We can turn a simple autoencoder into something sophisticated. Autoencoders discover a latent mapping z, which as a lower-dimensional representation of the input x, can be useful for pre-training networks and creating recommender models. However, how autoencoders compress information may come in millions of ways. To truly polish how z can be generated, we turn […]

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The Best Candidate for Our Land

Opinion piece on Leni, and the Philippine elections

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A medically themed reflection on the future of AI

Medicine is quite different from my profession but I think having this kind of interest is healthy (get it?). Eventually, I came to reach some parallels between my discipline and the medical sciences.

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Collaborative Denoising Autoencoders on Steam Games

Autoencoders are a simple neural network approach to recommendation

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Studying Variational Autoencoders

Variational autoencoders can discover unique ways to encode-decode the input from a distribution. Bonus: It can generate images!

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Classifying Paintings through Deep Learning

Back in college, I did a class project where I used computer vision techniques for the first time. It was the age before deep learning. Today, I want to revisit this old project.

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Deploying a Recommendation System the Kedro Way

A tutorial to create a recommender pipeline with Kedro and MLFlow.

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My Heritage In Color

An uploaded family photo inspired me to pick up a colorizer tool. Here is my post honoring my family’s history.

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Level Up Your MLOps Journey with Kedro

MLOps is all about creating sustainability in machine learning. To maintain structure in this fast-paced field, you can try out Kedro, an open-source Python project that aims to help ML practitioners create modular, maintainable, and reproducible pipelines.

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R-Recommender Roadtrip

This is part 2 of my talk on recommenders. The presentation describes the intuitions of matrix factorization and how to implement it in R. I delivered this in the R-Users Group PH meetup group this November. If you wish to see some more recommender material in this blog, check this out: