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Variational Autoencoders for Recommendation

We can turn a simple autoencoder into something sophisticated. Autoencoders discover a latent mapping z, which as a lower-dimensional representation of the input x, can be useful for pre-training networks and creating recommender models. However, how autoencoders compress information may come in millions of ways. To truly polish how z can be generated, we turn […]

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Studying Variational Autoencoders

Variational autoencoders can discover unique ways to encode-decode the input from a distribution. Bonus: It can generate images!

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Deploying a Recommendation System the Kedro Way

A tutorial to create a recommender pipeline with Kedro and MLFlow.

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Level Up Your MLOps Journey with Kedro

MLOps is all about creating sustainability in machine learning. To maintain structure in this fast-paced field, you can try out Kedro, an open-source Python project that aims to help ML practitioners create modular, maintainable, and reproducible pipelines.

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COVID-19 and Blood Chemistry Tests

Today I will be taking a look at blood chemistry tests and COVID-19. I am trying to see associations of the different blood cell types when there is a SARS-COV-2 infection. I am joined with my friend Dr. Earl Tiu as I try to explain my findings to him. The data is sourced from Kaggle, […]

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Coupon Redemption Competition

I had the opportunity to again host a Kaggle-like competition. Here is how I would have solved my own problem and how user’s preferences apply in e-commerce.

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ImageAI: Object Recognition On The Fly

If a computer would have eyes, what would it be able to recognize? Distinguishing cats and dogs would be nice, but what’s better is recognizing all 7,870 objects in the Open Images dataset!

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Will my Customer Come Back : Playing with CLV

I’ve been tinkering with customer lifetime value modeling the past few days since the Olist dataset in Kaggle went up. In particular, I wanted to explore the tried and tested probabilistic models, BG/NBD and GammaGamma to forecast future purchases and profits. I also wanted to see if the machine learning approach could do well — […]

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Recommendation Roadtrip- My PythonPH Talk

Join me in this roadtrip of different recommender algorithms.

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Can a machine distinguish dog breeds?

Time for another vision blog. Here, I’ll talk about dogs. Humans can identify a dog from a cat well enough, but it’s a little harder to distinguish specific dog breeds. For instance, can you tell which is which in the following? Well, on the left is a Siberian Husky and on the right is an […]