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A medically themed reflection on the future of AI

Medicine is quite different from my profession but I think having this kind of interest is healthy (get it?). Eventually, I came to reach some parallels between my discipline and the medical sciences.

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Level Up Your MLOps Journey with Kedro

MLOps is all about creating sustainability in machine learning. To maintain structure in this fast-paced field, you can try out Kedro, an open-source Python project that aims to help ML practitioners create modular, maintainable, and reproducible pipelines.

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A Name Across Time and Numbers

With data, I explore the name Cassandra, Zoe, their variants and how they move in popularity over time.


Mobility in the time of pandemic

Mobility is one of the greatest freedoms achieved in the 20th century. Deep-rooted as it is, free movement is something easy to forget. As a data scientist, this article is about how data reflects our shared quarantine experience.