Thesis Defense Day

Today I did the defense of my masters thesis entitled PRTNets: Cold-start recommendation using Pairwise Ranking and Transfer Networks. After nearly 5 years, I’m almost at the finish line! I never did notice that I spent more time in terms of semesters in UP than I did in ADMU. And this was because I changed my thesis almost 2 years ago so I’m at my maximum residency already.

The defense lasted close to the 1 hour and 30 minute mark. After deliberation, my panel decided that I pass. I’ll do some revisions so there’s still some work to be done. But overall, I’m so happy that I’m very near to graduating!

Thank you Ma’am Susan Festin, Sir Jan Yap and Sir Pros Naval, my adviser. And thank you to my wife, Irish Gale Valerio for being my inspiration.

This was posted in DCS and NGSE.



These are photos from the defense itself. Hover over to see the captions.



Bonus: Other than the panelists, my attendees were CS veterans (some faculty and MS students) and MS ChemEngg students. As this was a requirement for them, I signed their forms. Totally strange, so I was smiling all throughout the ‘signing of autographs’.


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I'm a software engineer and a data science guy on recommender systems, natural language processing, and computer vision.

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