ACIIDS 2020, a top academic conference organized by King Monkut’s Institute of Technology, Thailand and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland, was held completely online. From March 23 to March 25, professors and students from all over the world gathered in solidarity in front of their laptops for the advancement of science. Here’s myself, huddled in deep thought as I listened in my first attended academic conference.


The following photos are all screen grabs. I learned a lot especially from the keynote speakers so I’ve posted each of their title slides here. Congratulations as well to the best papers, both from the students and the professors! Thank you ACIIDS team for a successful conference!

Welcome to ACIIDS 2020 held online!
Screenshot 2020-03-23 15.20.40
Our conference chairs and keynote speakers.
Screenshot 2020-03-23 15.22.40
Dr. Kasabov and his research around (more) brain-inspired neural networks.
Screenshot 2020-03-23 15.25.15
Some domains are better represented by spiking neural networks.
Screenshot 2020-03-23 15.37.53
Mind-blowing visualizations
Screenshot 2020-03-23 16.24.30
As machine learning becomes more ubiquitious, Dr. Niyato discusses federated learning to shift computing to mobile and edge devices.
Screenshot 2020-03-23 16.35.42
There is a need to create reliable edge computing dynamics and algorithms for large scale machine learning
Screenshot 2020-03-24 14.59.49
Dr. Webb discusses the time series algorithms at scale.
Screenshot 2020-03-24 15.36.55
Deep learning and time series merges into a beautiful solution
Screenshot 2020-03-24 16.24.06
Dr. Duch presents their group’s work around technologies that map and understand the human brain
Screenshot 2020-03-24 16.50.06
There are plenty of studies linking neuroscience and computing.
This is my own research, PRTNets, as published by Springer!
Thank you ACIIDS Team!
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