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A Fistful of Tech

I came across an article on emerging IT technologies for 2017. Most are rather ambitious in the local setting. Some though apply perfectly here.

I read the following ZDNet article about predictions on emerging IT technologies for 2017. There’s a lot to digest in the list with its augmented reality, wearable IT and IOT/IOE. It talks of fat billion dollar stacks per field and had me thinking if the same technologies applies well to the Philippines. Of course, only some do. So I went ahead and wrote which technologies may pan out well for the Philippine setting in the tactical and strategic sense.

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These are short-medium term boosts to the individual and her immediate professional circle.

Team Collaboration & Workplace Hubs

The paralysis of the metro can be eased with more efficient and integrated digital workspaces. Think Slack, Microsoft Teams and Atlassian JIRA. Add in storage spaces such as Google Drives Dropbox. Sprinkle in VOIP apps such as Skype, Viber and Lync. Coupled with a slow yet inevitable arrival of a faster internet infrastructure, I sincerely hope process managers can see the benefits of a decentralized but at the same time integrated digital workspaces.

Mobile payments

PayMaya, DragonPay, BeepCards, Amore Cards. These are all growing fast and will change how Filipinos pay for a wide variety of goods.

Social business

In the article, this is tagged as strategic. I say in the Philippines, we’re halfway there. We hang out a lot in social media — creating content, trading, selling. Add in the Filipino cultural affinity to socializing and we find that there is great potential here. We’re already doing it in Shoppee, eBay and OLX. We can even find some diligent spammers in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



These are items that will take a lot of effort for the Philippine community and organizations but will be of immense importance in the near future.

Machine learning, smart advisors, chatbots

I know that this may pose a danger to our BPO industry. However, if deployed right, large workloads could be done efficiently with the help of a first-layer of smart advisors. Besides, some organizations are already positioning their smart solutions as a replacement for human intervention. We as a country should move quickly to optimize current workflows and complement it with intelligent applications.

Digital Learning & Microservices

We have a large population of developers looking for experience, thus I think digital learning platforms could help significantly. Afterwards, imagine our developer communities supplying 3rd party API’s of quality to small-medium enterprises. On a small-scale, this is already happening, although I think there is more room to grow in our local app marketplace scene.

Marketing Integration

Filipinos are found everywhere. In every corner of the internet, malls, EDSA, sari-sari stores, wherever. All lining up for something. Everyone has some breadcrumb of activity somewhere. Which leads us to the marketing department always trying to create a single-customer-view a.k.a. 360 view / everything the customer has done ever. Unfortunately, the goal of a single customer view is still not achieved in many organizations. Not without manual effort. And oh boy. Manual effort that never stops.

Want More?

If you enjoy these types of resources, you can also head on over to MIT Technology Reviews Breakthrough Technology List of 2017. That list is good stuff but most of the items are only for truly well-funded and specialized organizations, in my opinion.


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I'm a software engineer and a data science guy on recommender systems, natural language processing, and computer vision.

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