Deep Dive Experiences

I thought it would be interesting to share a newcomer’s experiences with machine learning. Hopefully you can also get inspired into learning this amazing discipline.

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It’s over 70!

This is quite a late post for me, but I just want to detail here the session I taught three weeks ago. We have a large machine learning competition in Trend Micro and I volunteered to hold a boot camp for Trend Labs, the “Philippine division”, prior to the competition. Thinking that it was high […]

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Deep Dive Wednesdays Week 1

Working on week 1 y’all. Week 1’s goal is to lay out the foundations for data science, mainly data exploration and feature engineering. We worked with IPython, wrangled with NumPy matrices, tussled with Pandas’ indexing and gazed at Matplotlib with amazement. A lot of it was syntactic sugar, and it does takes some time getting […]

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Hello Deep Learning!

Another interesting thing about deep learning is, being inspired by neural networks, it is similar to how our brains work. Our brains have different areas for different stimuli, and our neurons combine these signals hierarchically.